Wednesday, January 15, 2014

beatiful pictures of white eared sibia birds gallery

The white eared sibia bird is medium-sized Sibia endemic to Taiwan. The "white ears" being a very distinctive feature. The white eye-stripe, eye-ring, and lores end in plumes to form its unique white “ears.” The crown is black. The breast, throat and upper back are grey. The throat tends to be of a slightly darker shade and can appear black in poor light. The underparts are cinnamon, with the rump and lower back being more rufous. The tail is black with greyish-white tipped central feathers. The iris is a dark brown. The bill is black and the feet pinkish.
It inhabits mountain forests from 800 - 3000 m where it is common. It is often found at much lower altitudes in the winter. Food is primarily nectar, flowers, berries. becomes more gregarious in autumn and winter and may be found in loose flocks,Very active and not shy.White-eared Sibia, also known as Taiwan Sibia, is a common resident.The voice is rising fi-fi-fi fi-yu call is very distinct and must be one of the most defining sounds of Taiwan’s mountain forests. They also produce a rattling mei, mei, mei-type alarm call.for more pics....

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