Friday, January 31, 2014

beautiful images of magpie shrike birds

Magpie shrike bird has black and white plumage with very long, graduated tail.Head and mantle are glossy black,the scapulars are white. The rump is V-shaped and greyish-white, conspicuous in flight.On the black upperwing, tertials, secondaries, some primaries and the greater upper wing-coverts are black with white tips. In flight, the white patch near the primary bases is well visible. The long tail is black.The underparts, chin, throat and breast are black with brownish gloss. Belly and flanks are duller black. Under tail-coverts are black.On the head, the bill is black. The eyes are dark brown. Legs and feet are black. The Length of the bird is 34-50 cm including the tail,male tail is 22-35 cm and the female tail is 21-34 cm,the Weight of this bird male is 55-97 g and female is 71-96 g.The Magpie Shrike feeds on arthropods, ants, termites, grasshoppers, mantises, millipedes and large grubs. It also takes lizards, mice and fruit and berries. Fresh and rotting meat is also eaten.

Magpie Shrikes are large songbirds who have black and white plumage,It utters loud, melancholy whistles “kee-oo, kee-oo” as territorial calls. Several birds sometimes call at the same time.The alarm call is a scolding “chack” or “tchzzrrr”.The breeding pair often calls in duet, “teeloo” by the male, and a higher-pitched “tleeu” by the female. Breeding pairs are partners for life. They can often be heard singing songs back and forth to each other. They breed between March and July. The birds will hatch between three to five eggs during a breeding season. The chicks are cared for by both parents for approximately 28 days in the nest. The young birds remain in the breeding territory for up to a year in order to help parents raise their young.for more birds......

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