Monday, April 7, 2014

latest images of ca de bou puppies collections

The Mallorquin Bulldog, or Ca de Bou, is an extremely courageous, independent dog with a combative personality. Over the years two different types of Ca de Bou evolved: a bullier type of Ca de Bou developed by the Eastern European group of breeders and a more mastiff-like type keeping closer to the Spanish Mastiff (Mastin espanol) as seen in North America (see photo left).The height of dog is for males : from 55 to 58 cm (21.7 to 22.8) ; for females: from 52 to 55 cm (20.5 to 22 inch) and in males the weight ranges from 35 to 38 kg (77 - 83.5 lbs), in females the weight ranges from 30 to 34 kg (66 - 75 lbs).

A typical medium-sized, powerful Molosser of somewhat elongated build. The difference between the sexes is apparent in the strong and massive head, whose circumference is definitely greater in dogs than in bitches.In males the circumference of the head should be greater than the chest measured at the withers. The head is almost square with a strongly defined, protruding stop.The eyes are large and oval in shape and as dark as possible according to coat color. The rather small ears are typical "rose" ears and should be set high and to the sides of the skull. The tail is set low, tick at the root and tapering twoards the tip. When in action the tail forms a slight curve. The skin is thick and close fitting except on the neck, where a slight dewlap may occur. The hair is short and rough to the touch. Accepted colors in order of preference are brindle, fawn and black. In brindle dogs, dark tones are preferred, in fawn, the deeper shade is preferred. White patches are permitted on the chest, front feet, and muzzle, provided the patches to not represent more than 30% of the whole coat. A black mask is also permitted. Patches of any other color are considered disqualifying faults. for different pics....

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