Tuesday, June 3, 2014

latest images of papuan hornbill bird gallery

Papuan hornbill also known as the Blyth's hornbill, is a large hornbill inhabiting the forest canopy.It is a large, curved bill; brown and yellow, bony casque, and reported laugh-like call, the Papuan hornbill is somewhat of a peculiar bird. The male is made even more unusual in appearance by the reddish-orange or golden-yellow plumage that surrounds the head and neck. Females differ by having a black head and neck. Both sexes have a largely black body, except for the contrasting short, white tail, and the bare, bluish-white skin around the eyes and throat. They also have red eyes, although those of the male are far brighter. The variety of honking and grunting calls of the Papuan hornbill are believed to have led to reports of this bird laughing.The Length of the bird is 65 – 85 cm and male weight is 1,190 – 2,000 g female weight is 1,500 – 2,000 g.

Its feeds primarily on fruits, such as figs, but is also known to eat crabs found on beaches, the honeycomb of bees, and strangely, soil. The practice of eating soil, known as geophagy, may possibly be carried out to bind the poisonous or bitter tasting substances that are found in many fruits and seeds that the hornbill consumes, thus allowing it to digest these otherwise nutritious plant parts.Although little is known about the breeding biology of the Papuan hornbill, it is thought to lay eggs from about August until October in the west of its range, and between January and May in the east. The female lays one to two eggs into a natural hole in a tree, which she has shut herself into by building a wall of mud and wood. The male feeds the female by regurgitating food through a small hole in this wall. The Papuan hornbill inhabits evergreen primary and secondary forest, from sea level up to 1,500 metres. It may also be found in deciduous woodland alongside rivers and swamp-forest, as long as there are suitably large trees in which to nest.for more pics....

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