Wednesday, July 9, 2014

wildlife animals of persian leopard photos

The Persian leopard is also called the Caucasian leopard, it is the largest leopard subspecies, and native is northern Iran, eastern Turkey, the Caucasus mountains, southern Turkmenistan, and parts of western Afghanistan. It is endangered throughout its range with fewer than 871–1,290 mature individuals and a declining population trend.This leopard is large, weighing up to 90 kg (200 lb), and light in color. They vary in colouration; both pale and dark individuals are found in Iran.Biometric data collected from 25 female and male individuals in various provinces of Iran indicates average body length of 259 cm (102 in). A young male from northern Iran weighed 64 kg (141 lb).

Leopards' diet varies depending on the habitat of their territory. Their principal prey is the most abundant ungulate such as Bezoar goat, roe deer, Goitered gazelle, West Caucasian tur, mouflons, urial, and wild boar. They also prey on smaller wildlife such as Crested porcupine and Cape hare, and occasionally attack livestock and herd dogs.for more pics....

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