Thursday, April 9, 2015

latest photos of black indian runner duck collections

Indian Runners don’t waddle like other ducks – they live up to their name and run. They were selected as ‘walking ducks’ in the Far East and evolved a slim, upright body and elongated thigh bone. When foraging or relaxed their posture is flat, but they stand upright to move quickly. In the show pen they are judged on their pure colour, overall stance and shape (type). They must have a keen Runner head, slim shoulders and the typical ‘hock bottle’ shape. They are a light-weight breed of duck at 1.6-2.3kg (3.5-5lb) for drakes and 1.4-2 kg (3-4.5lb) for ducks. Drakes stand around 58-70cm (23-28 in) in height and need a tall show pen,ducks are 60-70 cm (20-24 in.).The food and housing are similar to other ducks, but these birds like space to forage. They also need a secure garden area to start them off – otherwise they can run off in unfamiliar surroundings. This black indian runner ducks are plumage black with a beetle-green lustre throughout and the eyes are dark brown, bill is black.The wings will be black with a beetle-green sheen and underwing dark grey,these ducks legs and webs as black as possible and orange shading permitted in older drakes.The female ducks eyes will be in stripes and life span of this duck 4 to 12years.
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